Vitalbeat Device Communicator (VDC) provides an easy way for digital health solution providers to integrate medical devices, vitals measurements, CCD compliant solutions with Vitalbeat clinical evidenced Integrated Chronic Disease Management system. VDC exposes secure RESTful APIs for integrating medical devices, IoT, Wearables and Cloud Services for specific disease state and wellness offerings.


  • RESTful APIs enables users to integrate devices across various technologies and mobile platforms (Android/Windows/iOS)
  • REST architecture is more dynamic and flexible compared to other web services such as SOAP
  • Easy to add multiple device to Vitalbeat list of supported devices using simple HTTP GET, PUT, POST and DELETE method calls
  • Generation of graphical reports and visualization based on readings and measurements captured from multiple devices
  • Easy for analysis and forecasting of health parameters
  • Provides options to export to CCD format for interoperability
  • Compare health parameter captured from diverse and heterogeneous devices
  • Simple documentation for device partners with examples in multiple languages
  • Flexible and extensible JSON Data format to exchange information between systems
  • Digital health data are securely stored using highly scalable MongoDB database hosted on HIPAA cloud server

How It Works

Step 1: In order to integrate device with VDC, first step is to push the device meta information describing the device and its parameters such as name, model, vendor, health parameters, target users & any other instruction for user.

Step 2: Once the device information is set, with our CRUD API, you will be able to retrieve, add, update, delete and modify device information

Step 3: Now the inner work is done. Invoke VDC Health parameter capturing APIs to push device specific health parameters to Vitalbeat and view the tracked graphical data automatically reflected in our system or alternatively pull data using our API to display it at your end.