b-eInnovative™ is a unique Innovate - Evidence - Challenge – collaborative framework for clinicians, technologists, innovators and patients to innovate and implement practical and usable digital health solutions for India. The platform is open and encourages individuals and teams to apply for any of the open contests to win prizes towards validating ideas, proving outcomes and commercialization. We thank the advisory sponsors that have contributed the critical components of the collaboration framework and encourage applicants to take full advantage of these resources to blaze a digital health path forward from innovation to mass consumption of their health focused ideas.

Contest and Prizes

The first of the b-eCare series kicked off in 2015, an International Conference on Preventive and Predictive Healthcare Technologies. Shri U T Khader, Hon’ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka keynoted and inaugurated the conference. The b-eCare Committee at that time announced the basis for b-eInnovative and prize challenges to be announced in 2016. We are pleased to announce the very first of challenges below and invite applicants to participate in the first round. Feel free to contact us at info@b-ecare.com and spread the word.

The Challenge

Congestive Heart Failure and Diabetes continues to be a clinical, patient outcomes management and engagement challenge. Recent data indicates that patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Coronary Heart Disease face high levels of mortality. While the total actual numbers of CHF and T2 DM patients in India is unknown and is estimated to be in the millions. This b-eInnovative Contest aims at underscoring innovative approaches to pre-screening, risk assessment and remote disease management of this patient cohort to improve patient outcomes and reduce care costs by means of digital health tools.

Innovative Pre-screening application workflow, Risk Assessment Analytics algorithm and Patient Engagement device (IoT, Wearables) for vitals measurement, symptoms reporting and medication adherence. Contestents can freely use Vitabeat API's or any other API's of their choice to test their concept and early prototypes. The reference to the API is provided under the - API DOCS

Prizes will be awarded based on the triple weight of scores for proposed solutions that utilize the best combination of the digital health tools in the form of a usable:

Mobile Application

Wearable Devices

Risk Assessment Algorithm


First Phase Winning Entries will be awarded Prizes

1 st Prize of Rs: 50,000

2 nd Prize of Rs: 25,000

3 rd Prize of Rs: 15,000

First Phase winners will have the benefit of evidencing their entries with collaborating clinicians, hospitals, technologists and end users under prevalent terms and conditions supported by b-eCare

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