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b-eCare is an international healthcare conference series with a venue in Bengaluru (Bangalore) India, bringing together collaborative focus on clinical and academic research, digital health industry innovation, standards and policy. Award winning speakers recognized as domain experts in Healthcare, Med-tech, Pharma-Life Sciences, Insurance and Venture Investment discuss experiences, share knowledge, provide a window into health care innovation and present talks and peer reviewed papers. Pre-conference workshops provide unique opportunities for certified clinical and technical training, and skills development.
b-eCare was founded with key support from BMS Trust, Aventyn, Inc., RVCE, Karolinska, KTH, UKTI, IEEE-EMB and industry partners.

Preventive and Predictive Technology

This event provides hands-on learning of all of the components of the current Predictive and Preventive health technology ecosystem. Attendees will learn about new uses in biosensing devices, user inputs and monitors of vital sign data significant in economically important chronic diseases; congestive heart failure and diabetes. Case studies will be used to illustrate the deployment of technologies in clinical setting and the impact on medical economics. This event is designed for emerging or incumbent allied health workers to gain understanding in this transformational technology.

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