International Connected Health Conference
Chronic Disease, AI in Home Care and Cybersecurity

August 2018, Bangalore, India

Venue: Dr. Ambedkar Institue of Technology, Bengaluru

About b-eCare

b-eCare is an international healthcare conference series with a venue in Bengaluru (Bangalore) India, bringing together collaborative focus on clinical and academic research, digital health industry innovation, standards and policy. This event is designed for emerging or incumbent allied health workers to gain understanding in this transformational technology.

Chronic Disease, AI in Home Care and Cybersecurity

b-eCare 2018 provides a unique forum for discussing evidenced management of the ever-growing number of chronically ill, rationalizing interoperable exchange of information, ensure the privacy and security of that information, and approaches for improving medication compliance and adherence.


Award winning speakers recognized as domain experts in Healthcare, Med-tech, Pharma-Life Sciences, Insurance and Venture Investment discuss experiences, share knowledge, provide a window into health care innovation and present talks and peer reviewed papers. Pre-conference workshops provide unique opportunities for certified clinical and technical training, and skills development.

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